The Grand Candy, an acoustic of big sound and balanced tone.   This guitar is based upon the Taylor Grand Auditorium, but recalls the shape of the Martin 000-18.    It comes in a variety of tone woods, from Fiddleback Maple to Sapelle Mahogany and Oregon Myrtlewood to Honduran Rosewood.                            

starts@ $3850.oo

The Small Bodied 12.   Who says a 12-string can't fill a room with sound without being setup on a jumbo scale?  While working for Breedlove Guitars, I built this small bodied 12 with a soft cutaway after the Breedlove SC-22, it was in Mahogany with a Redwood top.   Everyone who tried it out were shocked such a small instrument could boast such a big sound.   I build all my 12-strings in Mahogany and switch out species for the top to produce the right sound for my clients:  Sitka for a crisp sound, Redwood for the earth, and cedar for the ethereal.

starts@ $4300.oo

The Djangolin!




The nashwood 00-18.   My step father was a guitar player.   In 1960, he walked into Riley's Music in downtown Walnut Creek, California to buy himself a guitar.   He kept going back to this acoustic Martin 00-18 which had been made a few years earlier.   Needless to say, he bought that guitar and played it everyday for 45 years, until his hands were worked by arthritis.    It always had a warm tone to it and was very playable.   Some of my early fascination with guitar making hovered around this old Martin.   After he passed away in 2012, I dusted off the old case, took off the old strings, set-up the instrument, dressed the frets and polished the guitar.   The result was a realization that if I built anything like the 00-18, it should be just like the 00-18 with my own sense of voicing and appointments.   I faithfully follow the specifications of this guitar and provide it in a number of tone woods:   Honduran Rosewood, Honduran Mahogany and Sapelle Mahogany.

starts@  $3200.oo