Ukulele Build Workshop - ENROLLMENT CLOSED.   Look for Class Updates and schedule, here and at Nashwood facebook page.        

TBA   Tue/Thurs.  4pm-7:30pm        Nashwood Shop                     $ 850.00

In this six week course, 8 participants will learn and execute the process of building their very own Ukulele fashioned out of woods of their choosing from a select offering of Will Nash's inventory.   Students may build a Concert or Tenor Ukulele in a number of tonewoods, including Oregon Walnut,  Honduran Mahogany and African Sapelle.   Touching on the history of lutherie and tooling, Nash will lead the class with an appreciation of the subtleties and inherent difficulties in selecting wood, preparing it for bending and assembly, carving and shaping necks.    Certain aspects of inlay will be touched upon, and, perhaps performed if the student has that as a goal.   At the course end, each student should be able to walk away with a deeper understanding of the fine art of lutherie and their very own Ukulele to play!   Course fee covers everything you will require, except an instrument case.